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Professional Summary

I am a highly experienced software and system architect, developer, and project leader with a solid track record of achieving results. For over 35 years I have tackled increasingly complex, cross-discipline projects, and created timely, effective solutions in commercial, clinical, and academic environments. I know what it takes to turn vague, or seemingly intractable requirements into viable solutions or products. I have piloted such projects through the full software development life cycle, and have worked extensively in all phases, from research to development to documentation to customer support. As such, I have a solid understanding of the whole picture, from the 40,000-foot view down to the nuts & bolts in the trenches. A natural planner, organizer and leader, I am self-motivated and results oriented. Quickly adapting to new endeavors, I hit the ground running and rapidly make an impact. This is facilitated by my in-depth, hands-on experience in a broad range of technologies and work environments, coupled with my formal background in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Electronics.

Ph.D.   Computer Science University of Utah Security design in distributed computing
M.S.   Computer Science University of Utah Networking and distributed systems
B.S.   Physics Math minor   Indiana Univ. of PA   Focus on analog & digital electronics

Technical Strengths and Background

  • Design and implementation of complex systems from low-level hardware to high-level software
  • Commercial product research and development
  • Product life cycle (SDLC), from specs to support
  • Integrating diverse, cross-discipline requirements
  • FDA software quality system controls
  • Software testing methodologies
  • Geographically distributed software development
  • Workflows and operational processes
  • Technical project leadership / management
  • Research, publications, presentations
  • Attention to detail, accuracy, integrity
  • Object oriented / data flow / 4GL programming
  • Image / signal processing and analysis
  • 3D visualization / computer graphics
  • Databases: relational, text, image, PACS
  • Distributed computing and networking (M.S.)
  • Security in distributed systems (Ph.D.)
  • Web development, dynamic, database driven
  • Network design, implementation, support, and troubleshooting, from LAN to WAN
  • Enterprise system / network administration
  • Proven track record of working remotely from home office since 1996, including:
Universitiy of Utah - School of Computing 2012  ‑ 2015   3 yr FULL TIME On-site for meetings only
NYU Medical Center & Karolinska, Sweden 1998  ‑ 2016   18 yr 3500+ hours On-site a few days
HP Labs 2007  ‑ 2010   3 yr 2100+ hours On-site just 1/2 day
Southern California Earthquake Center USC 2007  ‑ 2010   3 yr 750+ hours Never on-site, never met
Incorporated Research Inst. for Seismology 2007  ‑ 2009   2 yr 235+ hours Never on-site, never met
RAHD Oncology Products 1996  ‑ 2006   10 yr FULL TIME On-site a few days/year

Employment History and Highlights

Senior Research Associate Univ. of Utah, School of Computing,
Natural Language Processing Lab
  • Software R&D for IARPA-funded Open Source Indicators project (predict the news before it occurs).
  • Pattern search/processing tool accepting input from many common NLP toolsets.
  • Automated tools for Twitter API to gather data, track timelines, process results.
  • Automated WEB sites for complex document annotation for Amazon Mechanical Turk.
  • Deeply immersed in full life cycle of Mechanical Turk projects for data annotation.

Software R&D Consultant HP Labs, Palo Alto, CA
Technology Initiatives

Software R&D Consultant Univ. of Southern California
Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC)
California Integrated Seismic Network (CISN)

Software R&D Consultant Univ. of Washington
Incorporated Research Inst. for Seismology (IRIS)

President & Founder
Chief Software/System Architect
Saya Systems Inc. (sayasystems.com)
Applied Technology for Science & Engineering

Technology Development Manager
Chief Software/System Architect
RAHD Oncology Products (rahd.com)
Software Research & Development

Software Developer RAHD Oncology Products 1995-2006
Visiting Scholar Univ. of Utah Medical Center, Radiation Oncology 1995-2002

Network/Unix Support Manager Univ. of Utah, Campus Networking, Computer Ctr. 1994-1995
Senior Programmer Univ. of Utah, Campus Networking, Computer Ctr. 1990-1995
  • Actively set directions as member of campus network committee, director's cabinet, VP reviews.
  • Key facilitator in installation and testing of campus FDDI network and support of Cisco routers.
  • Launched first campus-wide monitoring of backbone routers, bridges, and FDDI utilization.
  • Facilitated knowledge exchange, e.g., presented seminars on network management and SNMP.
  • Reduced support costs as key architect in converting campus servers to homogeneous platform.
  • Improved server performance through extensive performance monitoring, analysis, and tuning.

Software R&D Consultant RAHD Oncology Products 1993-1995
  • Developed high profit products to import CT data from proprietary formats on disk/tape.

Assistant Project Director and
Technical Lead
Univ. of Utah, Computer Science, URSA Project (during project startup) 1983-1984
Senior Programmer Univ. of Utah, Computer Science, URSA Project 1983-1990
  • Key player in all specification and design phases, project staffing, presentations, and reports.
  • Developed the network communication system that URSA was built upon for 10 years.
  • Designed the initial application-level communication protocol from which URSA evolved.
  • Greatly improved developer productivity as codesigner of the software development environment.
  • Reduced downtime and improved operation of Apollo workstation network by aggressive redesign.
  • Spearheaded research in distributed systems and multi-level security for CIA.

Research Assistant Univ. of Utah Medical Center, Medical Physics 1981-1983

Digital Imaging Specialist New York Univ. Medical Center, Radiology 1977-1981
  • Improved performance and reduced downtime and operating costs of CT systems.
  • Established innovative quality control and preventive maintenance procedures.
  • Spearheaded new methods to optimize image quality from film and video displays
  • Served as liaison between the medical and engineering communities.
  • Actively pursued research in picture archiving and communication systems (PACS).

Electronics Consultant Indiana Univ. of Pennsylvania 1975-1976


Ph.D. Computer Science University of Utah Security design in distributed computing
M.S. Computer Science University of Utah Networking and distributed systems
B.S. Physics Math minor Indiana Univ of PA Focus on analog & digital electronics

Skills (Highly Proficient)

Languages Applications OSs & Networking
C, C++, Make, Visual Studio PowerPoint, Excel Unix (e.g., BSD, Sys5, Solaris, DU)
Unix / Linux shells & tools Word, Emacs, LaTex, Scribe Linux (e.g., Red Hat, Suse, Fedora)
   (e.g., sh, csh, awk, sed) Open DX Visualization Toolset Admin of Unix, Linux
Perl, PHP, CGI/Perl, CGI Photoshop, ImageReady, Acrobat TCP/IP, DNS, SNMP, routing ...
HTML, XML, CSS, DOM ... Joomla (CMS), FrontPage Ethernet, T1, FDDI, Frame Relay ...
Javascript Subversion, CVS, RCS Routers (e.g., cisco)
SQL, MySQL Custom IDEs (created via CVS, Switches (e.g., Linksys)
OpenDX data flow nets (4GL)    RCS, Web/Unix tools, MySQL) Protocol Analyzers (e.g., Sniffer,
Fortran, Basic OnProject (project management)    Ethereal, tcpdump)
Debuggers (e.g., dbx, gdb) FDA Medical Device Firewalls / Security
JSON JavaScript Object Notation        Requirements Compliance Admin of LANs, WANs
Twitter API Amazon Mechanical Turk  

Skills (Comfortable)

Languages Applications OSs & Networking
Java, JSP Dreamweaver, Flash Windows XP, ME, 98
XSL, MVC ... MS Project Admin of Windows XP, ME, 98
ASP U.S. Patent EFS / Applications Mac OS X, MS-DOS
Visual Basic Natural Language Processing Network Management Tools (e.g.,
Python     NLP Toolsets / Interfaces    SunNet Manager, HP OpenView)
UML and methods GUI testing tools Hadoop MapReduce clusters
LISP, Pascal IIS, Apache web servers System monitoring (e.g., Nagios)

Skills (given my experience, I could quickly be productive with other technologies, such as)

Languages Applications OSs & Networking
.NET, J#, C# IDEs (e.g., Rational, Eclipse, Windows Server, Cluster Service
OO-Perl, ColdFusion    Borland) High availability clusters
Oracle, other RDBMSs MS IIS, SharePoint (portal) Load sharing clusters
CMSs (e.g., Ruby / Rails, Windows or Mac software Beowulf cluster computing
   Zope / Plone)    development environments IPv6, IPSEC
Any 4GL or 5GL++ Apache OFBiz System/network monitoring tools

Representative Publications / Presentations (10 of 47)

"Extending the CISN Earthquake Early Warning (EEW) Web Site into the CISN EEW Testing Center," American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting (poster session), December 15-19, 2008, San Francisco, CA, M Zeleznik, P Maechling, M Liukis, S Callaghan, M Boese, E Hauksson, G Cua, K Solanki, R Allen, D Neuhauser, M Hellweg, M Fischer, T Heaton, and T Jordan.

"Page Content Detection For The Purposes Of Achieving Accurate Cropping," Research Disclosure, November 2008, disclosed by Hewlett-Packard Company, P Reddy, J Fian, M Zeleznik

"Clinical Application of a Semiautomatic 3D Fusion Tool Where Automatic Fusion Techniques Are Difficult to Use", Third International Workshop on Biomedical Image Registration, July 2006, M Noz, G Maguire, M Zeleznik, et al.

"Method and System for High Availability Services on Multiple Servers," United States Patent Application 11/161,428 - August 3, 2005, M Zeleznik.

"A Versatile Functional-Anatomic Image Fusion Method for Volume Data Sets", Journal of Medical Systems, Vol 25 No 5, 2001, pp 297-307, M Noz, G Maguire, M Zeleznik, et al.

"3D Visualization: What Does it Mean?", presented at XII International Conf. on the Use of Computers in Radiation Therapy, May 1997, M Zeleznik. View the slide presentation

"Security Design in Distributed Computing Applications", Ph.D. Dissertation, University of Utah, Computer Science, December 1993, 412pp. M Zeleznik.

"Introduction to Network Management", presentations to Univ. of Utah, Computer Science networking classes and campus network managers, 1991 1993, M Zeleznik.

"A Portable, Network-Transparent Communication System for Message-Based Applications", presented at IEEE 6th International Conf. on Distributed Computing Systems, May 1986, M Zeleznik.

"PACS Data Base Design", SPIE Proc. Conf. on Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACSII), 418:287-295, May 1983, M Zeleznik, et al.

Honors / Societies

  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society (elected in 1988)
  • Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society (elected in 1987)
  • Sigma Pi Sigma National Physics Honor Society (elected in 1975)
  • IEEE Computer Society
  • ACM
  • Society of Physics Students

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