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A Bit More Perspective...

Why I Founded Saya Systems Inc.

After 35 years immersed in computers and technology, one aspect stands out clearly. It just keeps getting more complex, and we all pay a price for it.

The point is not that complexity itself is bad, but that it comes with attendant costs. These costs permeate the life of any product; from the cost of design, development, deployment, and support, to the end user's cost of comprehension, integration, and maintenance.

Such high costs may be affordable for large businesses or research projects. However, these costs often do not scale down, leaving the smaller entities without any solution at all. More importantly, why should anyone pay unnecessary costs?

I founded Saya Systems Inc. to provide some solutions to this runaway complexity and cost. Such solutions are possible through a delicate balance of one's goals, research concepts, and practical application, while maintaining a focus on simplicity and architectural integrity.


I have over 35 years experience in the computer field, spanning research, product development, product support, and systems and network design and support. I have worked extensively in commercial, clinical, and academic environments, in roles ranging from developer to chief architect to project manager. My specialized technical background (hardware and software) includes computer security, safety, and reliability, signal and image processing, medical imaging, computer graphics, visualization, distributed computer systems, databases, networking, electronic hardware design, and software testing environments. I received my Ph.D. and M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Utah, and my B.S. in Physics (minor in Mathematics) from Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

Prior to founding Saya Systems in 2003, my employment included (most recent first).

  • RAHD Oncology Products - Chief Software Architect and Technology Development Manager, as well as Software Developer (RAHD shutdown in 2006).
  • University of Utah - Senior System Programmer in both the Computer Science Dept. and Campus Networking, and Manager of Networking and Unix Systems in the Computer Center.
  • University of Utah Medical Center - Visiting Scholar in the Radiation Oncology Dept., and medical imaging research in the Medical Physics Dept.
  • New York University Medical Center, Radiology Dept. - Digital Imaging Specialist
  • Indiana University of PA - analog and digital electronics design, building, repair.

Since founding Saya Systems in 2003, my employment has included (most recent first)

  • University of Utah, School of Computing, Natural Language Processing Lab - Senior Research Associate
  • HP Labs, Technology Initiatives - Software R&D Consultant
  • University of Southern California, Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) - Software R&D Consultant
  • University of Washington, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS) - Software R&D Consultant

What I can bring to the table ...

From this diverse experience I quickly adapt to new endeavors and hit the ground running.

Moreover, I have (of necessity) acquired an understanding of certain issues in the computer field that are essential to the development of cost-effective software and system solutions. In particular, I believe the following are mandatory:

  • To understand the reasons behind the ever increasing complexity of software and hardware systems.
  • To be aware of not only the benefits of such complexity, but also the hidden costs (and problems) it often creates.
  • To recognize how these costs permeate the life of a given product -- from the cost of design, development, deployment, and support -- to the end user's cost of comprehension, integration, and maintenance.
  • To realize that such complexity is not always necessary -- to recognize when -- and to see the alternatives.
  • To appreciate that cost-effective solutions will require a delicate balance among one's goals, research concepts, and practical application -- and to know how to achieve that balance.
  • To comprehend the critical importance of a constant focus on simplicity and architectural integrity -- and to know how to turn that focus into a quality software or system solution.

These beliefs have been tested and proven to satisfy many business and academic needs, from research through successful product development and support.


Linked In recommendations

Mark S. Russell President RAHD Oncology Products

RAHD Oncology Products has had a software development relationship with Dr. Michael Zeleznik for over ten years. During that time we have benefited from Mike's effort and skill on a broad spectrum of projects. These have ranged from small, well-bounded efforts to very large and complex solutions involving multiple participants. In every case I have found the following characteristics.

  1. A wealth of knowledge is brought to every project with a talent for discerning how and when to apply these resources to each task.

  2. Mike has the knack of intuitively realizing that a solid foundation is critical in every technology build project. He first seeks for the proper foundation elements and then assures that they are in place. This is the product of exceptionally good pre-planning skills and design architecting.

  3. His work is carefully thought out and the effort is orchestrated to be efficient and orderly. Collaboration is sought from relevant resources so that the product is reflective of the solution envisioned by all principals.

  4. The commitment is placed properly on finishing the project; not just doing the work. Consequently, the elements of good workmanship are evident. Excellent documentation, clean code, supporting scripts, and diagnostic tools are in place.
I have learned from Mike that the best investment is good workmanship. Mike's workmanship is always exceptional.

Mark S. Russell
RAHD Oncology Products
Phone:      314-614-3592
Email:  pres@rahd.com

Marilyn E. Noz, Ph.D. Professor of Radiology NYU Medical Center

I have known Dr. Zeleznik for over thirty years and have always found that he has held himself to the highest professional standards. I have most recently worked closely with Dr. Zeleznik on the volume fusion product that is currently sold by RAHD Oncology Products, and is used here at NYU Medical Center and elsewhere, such as the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, as the fundamental tool for many research projects. Dr. Zeleznik's work ethic and sense of professionalism are outstanding. He is a very accomplished professional programmer as well as having a higher understanding of the whole picture. He has many papers with us on several projects.

Marilyn E. Noz, Ph.D.
Professor of Radiology
New York University School of Medicine
Email:  marilyn.noz@med.nyu.edu

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