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Earthquake Ground Motion Visualization Generator

I designed and developed an automated program suite that creates various types of 2D or 3D visualizations of earthquake ground motion, given an arbitarary set of seismic sensor data. The raw signal data is filtered, sampled, normalized for instrument sensitivity, analyzed to remove extreme data, with optional processing (e.g., nonlinear scaling or clipping). The data is then mapped to colors and glyphs for display at the geographic sensor location.

All of the processing options are user settable, from the initial data preparation (e.g., filter bandwidth, time ranges, sampling rates, normalization), to the visualization parameters, including numerous colormaps (e.g., perceptually linear, rainbow), glyph types (e.g., cylinders, spheres), map projections (e.g., Mercator, Azimuthal equidistant or equal-area), and display types (e.g., 2D vs 3D or persepective vs orthographic)

This work was done for the University of Washington, Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS). Two examples are provided here. Click the images to download/play the QuickTime movies.

Southern California event
Southern California event
Chile event
Chile event
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