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Radiation Treatment Planning Products

Following are examples from two commercial radiation treatment planning products from RAHD Oncology Products , in which I extensively utilize IBM Visualization Data Explorer (DX, now OpenDX). Both employ a separate Motif GUI, written by a colleague.
  • The MultiDimensional Viewer (MDV) creates 3D structures from CT contours and 3D beams from beam parameters and blocking, and allows interactive review of structures, treatment beams, dose, CTs, and dose volume histograms.
  • The 3D Beam Modifier (BM) provides interactive beam design in 3D, both manually and automatically, with interactive review of structures, treatment beams, CTs, and digital radiographs. It provides real time interaction and modification of select objects simultaneously in multiple windows.

Each product utilizes DX very differently:

  • The MDV utilizes the DX data flow, VPE, and user interface environments.
  • The BM is built entirely in C, using only the DX libraries (no data flow or VPE).
The original 1280x1024 true color images have been reduced in quality here for web display.
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