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Before Selecting a Web Developer
Please Read This !

A web site is like a book;
You cannot judge it by its cover.

However, unlike a book;
It will evolve over time.

As such, it comes with two costs.

The upfront cost to develop the site is just the first step.

The ongoing cost to maintain the site depends entirely on its underlying architecture.

With the right architecture, the ongoing cost is minimized.

With the wrong architecture, the ongoing cost can skyrocket, far beyond the upfront cost. Often, the site must be completely rebuilt from scratch, as in True Story and Ture Story.

We will design your web site the right way, the first time. We can provide a professional and engaging layout (or you can provide your own design), excellent search engine exposure, and an architecture that allows it to easily grow and change with your needs. Following is some of what we provide:

  - Fundamental design criteria:
   - Easy to maintain.
   - Easy to use.
   - Easy for users to find what they want.
   - Fast and responsive, e.g.,
        no unnecessary plugins,
        no slow page loads.
- Accomodate the full range of users:
   - Mobile devices.
   - Browsers and OSs.
   - Low resolution displays.
   - Low speed connections.
- Search Engine Optimization (Exposure)
   - The 'right' search engine 'food'.
   - Much more than just 'meta tags'.
- Graphic design, page layout.
- Photography, image processing.
- Multimedia, animations, video.
- Feature-based pricing:
   - Pay only for features you want.
   - No surprises.

 As discussed in Figs 2 and 3,
it can be costly to
judge a web site
by its cover.
Web site design.

Fig 1 - One of our sites.
All pages are dynamically generated from a backend database, with a consistent look and feel. It has been extended and modified continuously with ease. It also has excellent search engine exposure.

Web site design.

Fig 2 - A site we rescued.
Not designed by us. All pages were static, created as images. Each modification was increasingly difficult, as was maintaining site consistency. It would have become completely unmanageable in a very short time. It also had no exposure to search engines. This site had to be completely redesigned and rebuilt.

Web site design.

Fig 3 - Our redesigned version.
All pages are dynamically generated, and can be easily modified and extended while maintaining consistency. It can readily be driven from a backend database, and has excellent exposure.

Please visit some web sites we designed, developed, and maintain:

Utah Shotokan Karate
Powder Beach Realty
California Integrated Seismic Network - Earthquake Early Warning
Our own Saya Systems site, of course!

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