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Current / Previous Clients Include

HP Labs, Technology Initiatives Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology (IRIS), Univ. of Washington
Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC), Univ. of Southern California Univ. of Utah Medical Center,
Radiation Oncology
Marilyn E. Noz, Ph.D.,
NYU Medical Center & Karolinska Institutet
The Utah Community Foundation
Resort Rentals of Utah Powder Beach Realty
Lucky Star Sales LLC - YOPA Saya Treasures

Current / Previous Employers Include

Univ. of Utah, School of Computing RAHD Oncology Products
Univ. of Utah, Campus Networking NYU Medical Center, Radiology
Univ. of Utah, Computer Science Indiana Univ. of PA, Physics
Univ. of Utah, Computer Center Indiana Univ. of PA, Psychology
Univ. of Utah Medical Center, Diagnostic Imaging Lab  


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Mark S. Russell President RAHD Oncology Products

RAHD Oncology Products has had a software development relationship with Dr. Michael Zeleznik for over ten years. During that time we have benefited from Mike's effort and skill on a broad spectrum of projects. These have ranged from small, well-bounded efforts to very large and complex solutions involving multiple participants. In every case I have found the following characteristics.

  1. A wealth of knowledge is brought to every project with a talent for discerning how and when to apply these resources to each task.

  2. Mike has the knack of intuitively realizing that a solid foundation is critical in every technology build project. He first seeks for the proper foundation elements and then assures that they are in place. This is the product of exceptionally good pre-planning skills and design architecting.

  3. His work is carefully thought out and the effort is orchestrated to be efficient and orderly. Collaboration is sought from relevant resources so that the product is reflective of the solution envisioned by all principals.

  4. The commitment is placed properly on finishing the project; not just doing the work. Consequently, the elements of good workmanship are evident. Excellent documentation, clean code, supporting scripts, and diagnostic tools are in place.
I have learned from Mike that the best investment is good workmanship. Mike's workmanship is always exceptional.

Mark S. Russell
RAHD Oncology Products
Phone:      314-524-0103

Marilyn E. Noz, Ph.D. Professor of Radiology NYU Medical Center

I have known Dr. Zeleznik for over thirty years and have always found that he has held himself to the highest professional standards. I have most recently worked closely with Dr. Zeleznik on the volume fusion product that is currently sold by RAHD Oncology Products, and is used here at NYU Medical Center and elsewhere, such as the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden, as the fundamental tool for many research projects. Dr. Zeleznik's work ethic and sense of professionalism are outstanding. He is a very accomplished professional programmer as well as having a higher understanding of the whole picture. He has many papers with us on several projects.

Marilyn E. Noz, Ph.D.
Professor of Radiology
New York University School of Medicine

Fern Baird Founder Lucky Star Sales LLC - YOPA

Mike at Saya Systems transformed my YOPA website from a disaster, created by a previous web developer, into a successful, working and manageable site.

My YOPA website was created less than a year ago (in 2004) by someone referred to me. His hourly rate was reasonable, but as it turned out I was billed for a lot of his learning curve. My simple site ended up costing a thousand dollars. Although it looked good, I soon discovered that (1) it was unmanageable, (2) it could not evolve with my business needs, and (3) it could not be seen by search engines! I communicated with a few different webmasters, and none of them could believe what a mess it was. They all felt that the site was a dead end, and had to be completely redeveloped from the ground up, which Saya Systems did.

Working with Mike has been an extremely positive learning experience. He took the time to examine the situation, assess the problems and my business needs, and then provide options and suggestions on how to proceed with the redevelopment. Rather than have me build a whole new site from scratch, as was suggested by the other webmasters, he helped keep the costs down by working with the original site, piece by piece, turning it into a professional, real working site. He instructed me about search engines and told me what I need to do to optimize the site, which I still have to work on.

He told me how I can make additions and changes to the site, requiring less work on his part, which also keeps my costs down. When I ask for something, he follows up quickly and provides a time frame for completion of the work. His explanations are concise and thorough, and he always offers alternatives and recommendations, which are usually improvements on what I asked for.

Mike is conscientious and knows how to build and maintain a site that works to whatever degree you need. He knows all of the intricacies behind the website you see on the computer. I've learned that just because a site looks good, it doesn't mean it is good!

Saya Systems customized a billing and payment schedule to fit my needs, which is not a common practice these days. It was greatly appreciated!

Since Saya Systems has taken over my web site, I feel confident I am actually in business and that my internet business will grow. Thanks Saya Systems!

Caveat Emptor

When deciding on a web developer, don't rely on a friendly referral alone. Ask questions and take the time to check references! Make sure you understand how your site will be able to change and grow, to evolve with your business needs. Having to pay twice to get the job done right was an expensive lesson.

Fern Baird
Lucky Star Sales LLC - YOPA
Phone:   801-944-0636

Yukiko Yoneoka Owner Saya Treasures

As a principal with Saya Systems, I work closely on web site design issues.

As the owner of Saya Treasures, I had a vision of how I wanted my own web site to look and feel. Working with Mike at Saya Systems, it turned out exactly as I wanted, and has demonstrated the flexibility to grow with my business, having undergone many changes since the first version. I also get good exposure through search tools like Yahoo (though getting into Google requires extensive cross linking, which I have not bothered with).

The entire site is driven from a database which contains all information on items, pricing, discounts, availability, display color schemes, and so on. I can easily manage this database, especially with the database integrity tools provided by Saya Systems.

I am especially pleased with the high quality images, which reflect the quality of my jewelry. Initially, Saya Systems handled all the photography and image processing. Now, with training from Saya Systems, I take most of the pictures, and Saya Systems handles the image processing to produce quality web images. There is much more to it than I ever imagined.

Yukiko Yoneoka
Saya Treasures

More Information on Other Clients

HP Labs

Technology Initiatives
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University of Southern California

Calif. Integrated Seismic Network
Earthquake Early Warning
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University of Washington

Incorporated Research Institutions
for Seismology
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The Utah Community Foundation

Stewart Ogden
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Resort Rentals of Utah

Toni Hawkins

Powder Beach Realty

Fern Baird
Prnicipal Broker

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