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Demonstration of Features
From Some of Our Sites
~~ circa 2009 ~~

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Saya Treasures

This commercial site demonstrates the following features:


  • Entire home page fits into an 800x600 display.
  • All other pages default to an 800 wide display with vertical scrolling. Users with higher resolution displays can select Dynamic Width and page will then expand to browser width.
  • Custom search tools allow searching on type of item, materials in the item, the feel of the item, or arbitrary words or phrases.
  • Users can select numerous display parameters. For example, those with a fast network connection and high resolution display can select dynamic width displays, more results per search, and more items across the screen.
  • Users can select font size, thus accomodating different visual accuities or display resolutions.
  • Display color schemes are coordinated with each item. For example:
    • A gold ring may have a gold leaf border, black background, dark brown buttons, and light tan text input background
    • A white pendant may have a light blue leaf border, dark blue background, medium blue buttons, and light blue text input background.
  • Warning is provided to users of pending downtime for service, and anticipated duration.
  • When site is down for service, notice is provided to users of when it will be back up.
  • If Javascript is required, but user has it disabled, warning is provided.
  • If cookies are required, and user has them disabled, warning is provided.
  • If user has browser with known problems, warning is provided, along with list of supported browsers.
  • If user has a very old browser that is unsupported, they are told so, and are given a list of supported browsers.

  • All pages are dynamically generated (except for a few special error/warning pages), driven from a backend relational database.
  • All information for each item and collection is maintained in the database. This includes quantities, sizes, pricing, the desired display color scheme, and information such as "hand made", "one of a kind", or "limited edition".
  • A very small number of programs create all of the necessary pages.
    • One for the Home page and related pages such as About, FAQ, Contact,
    • One for the Search page.
    • One for the Details page.
    • One for the Additional Views page.
  • In order to maintain consistency of look and feel across the site, and to facilitate changes:
    • All programs share common definitions and modules.
    • All programs share dynamically generated stylesheets.
    • All programs are driven from the same backend database.
  • Image management is simplified by not storing the images in the database. Images are simply stored as JPGs or GIFs in directories that have the same name as the unique ID assigned by the database for each item.
  • Site is tuned for web search engine robots (a.k.a. bots, spiders) to maximize visibility in searches.


This commercial site, although simpler than Saya Treasures above, demonstrates some additional unique features (along with some of the above features):
  • Here, a backend relational database was not required. However, pages are still dynamically generated, driven instead from individual files (one file per page, or page section).
  • The above allows direct conversion to a backend database if necessary, by simply replacing the loading of the individual files with calls to the database.
  • A very fast slide show that is automatically preloaded the first time you access any page.
  • The slide show is done entirely in HTML and Javascript. It requires no plugins such as Java or Flash.
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