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Michael P. Zeleznik, Ph.D.

After 35 years immersed in computers and technology, one aspect stands out clearly. It just keeps getting more complex, and we all pay a price for it.

The point is not that complexity itself is bad, but that it comes with attendant costs. These costs permeate the life of any product; from the cost of design, development, deployment, and support, to the end user's cost of comprehension, integration, and maintenance.

Such high costs may be affordable for large businesses or research projects. However, these costs often do not scale down, leaving the smaller entities without any solution at all. More importantly, why should anyone pay unnecessary costs?

I founded Saya Systems Inc. to provide some solutions to this runaway complexity and cost. Such solutions are possible through a delicate balance of one's goals, research concepts, and practical application, while maintaining a focus on simplicity and architectural integrity.

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Michael Zeleznik

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