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3D Volume Data Fusion

Codeveloped with N.Y.U. Medical Center 1998 - 2005
Ongoing development by:
  Gerald Q. Maguire, Ph.D.
KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Stockholm, Sweden
Marilyn E. Noz, Ph.D.
Department of Radiology
N.Y.U. School of Medicine
3D Volume Data Fusion.

A semi-automatic tool for spatially aligning two 3D data sets,
transforming one into the coordinate space of the other.

Provides transformations with variable degrees of freedom,
from deformable warp to affine to rigid body.

Enables precise landmark-based fusion of anatomy ranging
from deformed soft tissue to rigid structures,
using any combination of image sets.

  • Fuse ANY volume data such as PET, SPECT, MR, functional, CT.
  • Selectable algorithms to optimally fuse different types of studies.
    • Rigid body - Best-fit to landmarks, via rigid body transform, limited to rotation, translation, and uniform scaling.
    • Affine - Best-fit to landmarks, via rigid body transform with stretching or skewing.
    • First order warp - Best-fit to landmarks using the 1st order terms of a 2nd order polynomial. Works well for locally constrained warping of soft tissue anatomy such as lung or abdomen.
    • Second order warp - Best-fit to landmarks using the full 2nd order polynomial to make the distortions necessary to fit large disparities in anatomy.
    • Manual - Interactive user settings of rotation, translation, and scale, per orthogonal dimension; e.g., to 'tweak' the fusion results.
  • Validation of fusion results with both analytical reports and subjective tools (2D and 3D interactive visual displays).
  • Interfacing from any image source (CT, MR, PET, or SPECT) via any media (network, MOD, tape, or CD) independent of time of study.
  • Any known image format can be fused with the reference image set. The only limitations are those encountered in the clinical environment.

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