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Digital and Analog Hardware Design and Implementation

Digital and Analog Hardware Design.

Designed and constructed a special purpose digital physiological monitoring system from the ground up (circa 1976), comprising 144 TTL ICs and 10 CMOS ICs, in 3 physical units. My work spanned circuit design, circuit board layout and etching, case layout and construction, component mounting, soldering, and wiring, and testing. The final documentation contained complete circuit diagrams and theory of operation. more info 1975-1976

Designed and constructed a high resolution image digitizer for diagnostic X-ray films, from the ground up, comprising a camera with high resolution photo array, high intensity light source with mirror and Fresnel lens, high resolution memory buffer, and computer interface software. more info 1981-1983

Co-designed and co-constructed a high resolution digital film writer, from the ground up, comprising a high resolution CRT display, optics, and computer interface software. 1981-1983

Immersed in networking hardware and software for 7 years at the Univ. of Utah, Campus Networking Dept. This included design, installation, testing, troubleshooting, and repair, from low level issues such as investigating broadband problems with a spectrum analyzer, or Ethernet problems with an oscilloscope, or using the correct 10BaseT plug for twisted versus solid wire, up through extensive use of protocol analyzers and SNMP monitoring and analysis tools. Physical layers included FDDI and other fiber optics, DS1/DS3, and all forms of Ethernet from the original "yellow hose" through 10BaseT, linked through repeaters, bridges, switches, and routers (primarily cisco). Protocols included TCP/IP, AppleTalk, Novell IPX, and DECNet, among others. 1988-1995

My roots are in hardware, both analog and digital. Through experience ranging from my childhood to undergraduate study in Physics (with a focus on electronics) to work at NYU Medical Center to graduate study in Computer Science to work in Campus Networking at the Univ. of Utah, I became proficient in design, implementation, troubleshooting and repair.

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