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Safety and Testing in Critical Software and Systems

Designed and implemented the FDA 820.30 Design Control Procedure for RAHD Oncology Products, integrated with the distributed software development environment as a cyclic state machine, with a custom developed database driven web interface and cycle/revision control via CVS. Passed FDA inspection in just 1 day, when 4 had been scheduled. The inspector's only comment was to "keep up the good work". 2000-2006

Designed a comprehensive methodology for structured software testing, which addressed the limitations and problems associated with the reliable, ongoing testing of complex systems, for RAHD Oncology Products. 2000-2002

Extensive research into safety of software and systems, as part of my Ph.D. research in computer security. 1988-1993

A Note on Security and Safety

Security and safety are essentially the same problem, differing only in the "policy" that must be enforced. The "policy" is like the requirements specification for any system, specifying what the system is supposed to do. However, with security and safety, the requirements specification can not stop there. The system must not only (1) do what it is supposed to do, but must also (2) NEVER do what it is NOT supposed to do. The latter, #2, is what makes the design of secure or safe systems so tricky. It is essentially a negative requirements specification with a huge (if not infinite) domain.

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