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Which Web Developer?

Picking the right web developer involves
much more than looking at sites they have built.

Many have learned this the hard and expensive way.
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What Goes Into a Web Site?

There are four fundamental aspects of any web site:
  1. How it looks and feels to the user, and how fast it is.
  2. How well it conveys the information, and how easily this info can be found.
  3. How it works down inside; the underlying architecture.
  4. How easily people find it in searches (if this matters to you).
All are important (except perhaps #4).
  1. A web site may look great, but be impossible to maintain due to a poor architecture.
  2. However, the best architecture is of little value if users dislike the site and move on!
  3. Of course, if the site does not convey the information, the above aspects are moot.
  4. And if people can't find you when they search, none of the above may matter.

We provide cost effective web sites that meet all these requirements. We will:

  1. Work with you to create an engaging graphical layout that distinguishes your business. We can also provide quality photography and imaging services.
  2. Work with you on the best ways to convey the information to the user, such as home page content, menu items, and how the pages flow.
  3. Work with you on architecture issues to ensure that normal maintenance and updates can be done by you or your staff, possibly even allowing authenticated uses to add and modify content.
  4. If Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to you, see that section below.
  5. Provide fixed pricing with no surprises or hidden costs. Please email for pricing information.
  6. Guaranteed satisfaction. If we cannot produce a site you are pleased with, you pay only for any graphic design layout that we may have provided.
Please be aware: With current web development tools, a web developer can build a site with no understanding of the fundamentals of web site architecture or programming. The resulting site may look fine, yet be unmanageable or have other hidden problems. We recommend that one contact the developer's reference site owners for the rest of the story.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

If you want people to find your site through search tools like Google, please read this.

Web search engines use web robots (aka "bots" or "spiders") to continuously crawl the web and report back on what they find. When you use a search tool like Google, you are actually searching the collective results that were reported back from the bots over time.

This would be fine if the bots could "see" your site the same as humans do, and could interpret it the same as humans do. But they don't! If you want people to find your site through search tools, the site has to provide the right "bot view" (aka "spider food").

A well designed site will help people to find you when they should, and not find you when they shouldn't. The bots should:

  1. Pick up on your desired search phrases and patterns.
  2. Be able to thoroughly explore your site, creating the most comprehensive results. Some types of content and structure are difficult or impossible for bots to digest.
  3. Never think that your site is trying to fool them (e.g., with overly repeated phrases or irrelevant links). If they do, they may not revisit for a long time, and may devalue the results.
We understand these issues, and offer a cost effective approach to achieving these goals. We will:
  1. Design the site with the dynamic structure required to support a bot view that you can modify and extend over time, to evolve as needed.
  2. Provide you with instructions on how to create the bot view information for your site, along with examples from which you can model yours.
  3. Work with you to complete this task, providing feedback and advice.
Please be aware: The "bot view" cannot be assessed by visiting the web developer's reference sites. The site may look fine yet have a poorly designed bot view, and thus poor search engine exposure. We recommend that one contact the site owners about this. You can also do some simple searches to see if the site is being found as you would expect.
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