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Picture I am a highly experienced software and system architect, developer, and project leader with a solid track record of achieving results. For over 35 years I have tackled increasingly complex, cross-discipline projects, and created timely, effective solutions in commercial, clinical, and academic environments. I know what it takes to turn vague, or seemingly intractable requirements into viable solutions or products. I have piloted such projects through the full software development life cycle, and have worked extensively in all phases, from research to development to documentation to customer support. As such, I have a solid understanding of the whole picture, from the 40,000-foot view down to the nuts & bolts in the trenches. A natural planner, organizer and leader, I am self-motivated and results oriented. Quickly adapting to new endeavors, I hit the ground running and rapidly make an impact. This is facilitated by my in-depth, hands-on experience in a broad range of technologies and work environments, coupled with my formal background in Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, and Electronics.   Resume (HTML)
Ph.D.   Computer Science University of Utah Security design in distributed computing
M.S.   Computer Science University of Utah Networking and distributed systems
B.S.   Physics Math minor   Indiana Univ. of PA   Focus on analog & digital electronics

Currently I am:
  Chief Software Architect and Founder of
    Saya Systems Inc. - Applied Technology for Science and Engineering.
For more insight into me, please see More Perspective and Brief History.
Since 1996 I have successfully worked remotely from my home office (see below).

Previous recent projects include

  • Natural language processing, machine learning R & D
    University of Utah, School of Computing
  • Earthquake early warning testing center
    University of Southern California
  • Earthquake ground motion visualizations (2D/3D)
    University of Washington (IRIS)
  • Image processing & understanding R & D
    HP Labs
  • Volume data fusion product - NYU Medical Center, NY, Karolinska, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Web development, dynamic, database driven, Drupal
  • High quality image processing for print and web

Previous experience includes

  • Product research, development, support
  • Full software development life cycle
  • Distributed software development
  • Computer security analysis / design
  • Software testing methodologies
  • FDA software quality system controls
  • Workflows, operational processes
  • Databases: relational, text, image, PACS
  • 3D visualization / computer graphics
  • Machine learning
  • Commercial, clinical, academic environments
  • Security in distributed systems (Ph.D.)
  • Distributed systems and networking (M.S.)
  • Object oriented / data flow / 4GL programming
  • Network design, implementation, support
  • Enterprise system / network administration
  • Low-level hardware design / implementation
  • Dynamic web site design and development
  • Image / signal processing
  • Natural language processing

Proven track record of working remotely from home office since 1996, including:

Universitiy of Utah - School of Computing 2012  ‑ 2015   3 yr FULL TIME On-site for meetings only
NYU Medical Center & Karolinska, Sweden 1998  ‑ 2016   18 yr 3500+ hours On-site a few days
HP Labs 2007  ‑ 2010   3 yr 2100+ hours On-site just 1/2 day
Southern California Earthquake Center USC 2007  ‑ 2010   3 yr 750+ hours Never on-site, never met
Incorporated Research Inst. for Seismology 2007  ‑ 2009   2 yr 235+ hours Never on-site, never met
RAHD Oncology Products 1996  ‑ 2006   10 yr FULL TIME On-site a few days/year

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